Moonshine Over Miami

Last night marked the rising of the full moon.

IMG_3195-ltHere on the east coast I caught a shot just as the lovely yellow orb rose above the low clouds at the horizon… 5:45 pm and getting very dark at the beach. I steadied my camera on the sea wall and clicked away, catching one or two shots that weren’t totally blurred. I forgot my tripod… which is not a good thing when shooting photos in low light.

moonoverbay1Three hours later my sister who lives on the west coast took this photo of the moon rising over San Francisco Bay! Quite a different view. But the same moon, the same sky, and the same day… just the earth slowly spinning round the universe, moving us constantly forward.

Quite a cosmic thought if you think about it. Oh? about that post title. Moonshine Over Miami? If I had been there, the facts would have been the same. Full moon rising, clouds or no… we all live under the same sky.

Just me saying.

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Cosmic Cousin
Cosmic Cousin
10 years ago

how lovely!!!! I feel the karma!

10 years ago

Beautiful pictures…and where are yours?