Adventures in Cheeseland

It’s been a couple of days since we arrived in Wisconsin. Such fun we are having. Played cards, ate great food, took a long walk on a hot day, ate great food, watched a movie or two, explored the town’s Main Street and ate a lot of good food. Is there a recurring theme here? Ya think?

We are meeting more family members today. Just finished a Sype session with relatives from Prince Edward Island. Good people.

In a bit we will be eating more good food. I think it’s Bratwurst and salad for lunch. Yummmm.

It’s lazy days right now and I am taking advantage of a new blog plugin to use my iPad for blogging this morning.

More later.

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Mary Cheddar
Mary Cheddar
12 years ago

Give hugs to all and enjoy your time in CHEESELAND!

12 years ago

I have noticed that my weight has dropped since you left…the people who eat in anticipation of eaitng! Safe trip home.