LA to Needles – Road Trip Tales #2

June 16 –  at Park Moibi Recreational Area, Needles, CA

We’ve spent the night on the edge of the desert. Pup tent is a little small but serviceable. Needles is a city located in the Mojave Desert—western banks of the Colorado River.

Of course we have yet to eat at our little campsite. We lost all our pots and pans and the coffee pot too. (They were packed with the tent the airlines lost.) So it’s been food “out” so far. We did buy cheese and bread, and of course a 6 pack of beer to tide us over.

Last night we nibbled and sipped before we turned in. My sister warned me to make sure no food was in the tent, just in case animals (desert wolves and coyotes) were about. They sniff out the food and will fight to get it. So I carefully left the cheese and an empty beer bottle just outside the tent flap. I think that was safe enough.

It’s 6:12 a.m. – We’ve organized the load in the car to travel better. We will break camp and head out. Next stop: Grand Canyon Village! Yahooooeee.


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Linda Bartosik
Linda Bartosik
11 years ago

I AM enjoying this Pat! I think it’s so cool to resurrect old writing! Can’t wait til the next one! See? Your hook worked! Lol!

11 years ago

Beer? I hadn’t heard about that before. I took you to be wine drinkers…or b.t.s…..before the scotch!