Needles to the Grand Canyon – Road Trip Tales #3

June 15, Destination Grand Canyon, AZ 

Slight delay before departure…. My sister decided to take a quick swim in the Colorado River before we headed out.

We stopped for breakfast at the “76” They advertised “Good Food” so we took a chance. (Editor’s note: We discovered that the best food was always at Truck Stops!)

Back on the road by 8:28 a.m. Arrived at the Grand Canyon at 12:50 p.m. (235 miles)

3:21 p.m. Sitting on a swing at the El Tovar hotel, A “G. C.” thunderstorm is likely (our tent has probably blown over.) We will be returning to the tent for supper later, but now we simply take in the splendid view. It is gorgeous. It is refined, sublime, etc.

We’ve been up and down a little bit of the trail, walked 5 miles along the West Rim from Hermit’s Nest… saw some rafters way down in the Colorado. Visited Desert View and WatchTower. Now we’re waiting for a storm so we can photograph the canyon.

We’ve decide to head east via Santa Fe, Texas, Oklahoma, etc., then up through the Appalachia Mts.

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a fan
a fan
11 years ago

Great Adventure! Love reading about it!

Susan H
Susan H
11 years ago

Spectacular pictures!