Grand Canyon to New Mexico – Road Trip Tales #4

June 16, Up at 4:38 a.m. !!! Long before dawn to see the sunrise over the Grand Canyon. Fabulous.

Leaving Desert View at 6:36 a.m. on our way to Cameron, Arizona. And a debate: do we travel through the Painted Desert to Gallup or take the highway through the Petrified Forest?

(Editor’s Note: unsure which we chose as there are no notes… but we reached New Mexico about 7 hours later.)

Some difficulty with the car – a battery wire was loose. My sister fixed it. This occurred in the midst of the HOPI Reservation, MESA ONE, just beyond Old Hopi village. It’s 1:09 p.m. Mountain Time… We’ve been up since 4:38 a.m. and have been on the road since 5:15 ish… I’ve had it!

We’ll stop in Gallup for lunch, my sister is determined to make Albuquerque. It’s raining right now… if it keeps up I’m going to strongly suggest a motel. I have got to have a shower and get my hair in order. I feel like a piece of Mesa myself!

Only 7 miles to Gallup where we will decide the rest of our day. Stopped for lunch in Gallup – 45 minutes. Back on the road by 2:19 p.m. heading towards Albuquerque and Tetilla Peak Recreation Area. We’ll have to call ahead… or maybe we’ll stay at Camel Rock Campground north of Santa Fe. Whatever…

Raining. 🙂 (Editor’s note: I was always happy to see those rain clouds. Made the possibility of sleeping in a bed that much more possible.)

TA DAH! We ended up at Comfort Lodge motel. $19.37 / night. Thank God.


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Linda Bartosik
Linda Bartosik
11 years ago

$19.37! Imagine! 🙂