What do you forget when you travel?

On the road again. Traveling is always a bit of a challenge for me… Trying to get everything ready before hand, work, home, friends, all the bits and pieces that make up a life… Trying to keep it all straight and not miss anything.

This time I almost got it right. But yesterday as I unpacked for the second time (I’m taking one or two side trips) I realized I was missing one major essential! I had forgotten to pack underwear!!!! Yikes. Thank goodness for the local store. Might not get my usual Victoria Secret super swell itsy bitsys… But Fruit of the Loom will have to do in a pinch!

Ever forget something when you travel? Good thing I was not on my way to the amazon rain forest. That’s the next trip… Maybe underwear won’t matter there? I shall be a child of nature!!! 🙂




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